Double your Shopify profits in 30 days without ads

Turn your organic traffic into a growth machine and significantly increase your profits.
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A Shopify growth strategy that ACTUALLY works

By that I mean sustainable long-term growth.

If I asked you, how would you go about marketing your online store, how would you answer?

Through SEO for exposure on Google search?
Through traffic from paid ads?
Through email marketing to your subscribers?
Through social media content?
Etc. etc. etc.

The list goes on. There are so many ways.

But in fact, it is rare for a brand of any size to do all of this in-house. Even though you have enough internal resources, you might need to hire an outside agency if the work you require fall short of in-house capabilities.

So here’s the part when I tell you what we do and why it works…ready? clients are PROFITABLE in 30 days

Yes, you heard it right. 

The system is a tried-and-tested, bulletproof process that guarantees not only the increase in HIGH-QUALITY organic traffic (meaning the right audience who will ACTUALLY purchase your products), but also the ability to scale your eCommerce business in just 30 days.

How? Through carefully planned stages, the use of highly-effective strategies and tools, together with our practical experience of helping numerous clients achieve their sales goals. is a comprehensively designed system to help you from optimizing your branding message, to the entire online sales funnel that boosts profitability of your customers. Achieve the full profit potential of each and every customer.

As a result, you will be able to get your business in front of your ideal customers and it’s nearly impossible not to scale.

Tired of being over-promised & under-delivered?

We get it. We are here to change the way you grow your Shopify store. 

Now if you don’t see changes per our guarantee, you don’t pay. 

In other words, no results, no pay! There’s no risk…

What do you say?
👋 Get in touch is a simple, scaleable, 3-step system that works

Step 1
Quick wins
We focus on improvements that are visible and have immediate benefits to your business. It involves developing your unique selling point and building a high-converting sales funnel.
Step 2
Conversion-focused content
We build a content road map based on our in-depth marketing analysis. We then start creating conversion-focused content that gets your business in front of your ideal customers.
Step 3
Exponential growth
We fix critical conversion issues that are holding you back from growing your e-commerce business. 
Scale to 7 figures and beyond
We measure the outcomes and help you strategically plan for the long-term, continuous growth of your business.

Organic traffic doesn't always mean slow

See how our clients crush it.

Client reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5 - Based on Google Reviews

"Thanks to Jian's help and guidance, our sales more than tripled. I'm really happy to finally meet someone who can discuss e-commerce in depth!!"
E-Commerce Manager @ New Era Cap
"The Commercewise program provided a customized marketing strategy for our company through weekly meetings, and after each meeting, a systematic Q&A was conducted. Thanks to this effective program, I was able to understand about SEO, and finally able to achieve results. The best part is how we had a competent coach who sincerely supported us and was always by our side.

The Commercewise program is over, but Ryu Media is a business partner who I want to continuously work together for the long term."
Nora Kim
Co-founder @ KORISSA
"Jian has helped us with numerous projects including our primary website She made a great contribution to SEO and helped us increase conversion rates across advertising networks and social media. Highly recommend her!"
Geoff Day
"Jian is very patient to explain everything from a non-expert's perspective and that seems to be her secret scheme of building a rapport with clients and making them feel comfortable until the project is fully delivered and over. I enjoyed running the SEO project with Jian and learned a lot from her. And the result was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend her (which I already did several times)!"
Diane Bang
Co-founder @ Sodacos
"I started working with Jian in SEO for my new e-commerce site after I found her to be the best SEO expert in the industry. This is the best investment I ever made for my business!
Jian is not just an agency I hired. She's certainly a business partner I look forward to working with. Appreciate your great work, Jian!"
Sung-Nam Lim
CEO @ Eco Life