How we got Korissa 7x higher revenue in just 2 weeks without ads

Organic traffic increase:
 Revenue increase:
Conversion rate increase:
Weeks to acquire significant outcome:

KORISSA is a high-quality handmade boutique brand from New York. They came to us with 2 main goals: 

1. Increase organic traffic during the off-season

2. Generate more sales with both new and repeat customers

The team at CommerceWise delivered on those goals and more.


The client's review

"The Commercewise program provided a customized marketing strategy for our company through weekly meetings, and after each meeting, a systematic Q&A was conducted. Thanks to this effective program, I was able to understand about SEO, and finally able to achieve results. The best part is how we had a competent coach who sincerely supported us and was always by our side.

The Commercewise program is over, but Ryu Media is a business partner who I want to continuously work together for the long term."

Nora Kim
Co-founder @ KORISSA

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